With over 140 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium vanHaren is a retail force to be reckoned with. As part of the German Deichmann Group vanHaren has shown the strength to adapt to the fast changing retail landscape. It has developed itself in the last 5 years to one of the most successful retail chains in the Dutch high streets and has now set its eyes on Belgium.

Besides excelling in traditional retailing vanHaren is dedicated to make the same impact within the online shopping experience. With vanHaren.nl the retailer wants to be on the forefront of e-commerce.

Bestoked conducted an analysis on the current state of vanHaren’s online marketing efforts and delivered a management report with constructive short- and long-term focus points to improve the e-commerce and online marketing results of vanHaren.nl.

From July 2018 until March 2019 Bestoked was responsible for the social media brand campaigns of vanHaren.nl and .be.