Within a lot of companies, big and small, it’s a constant challenge to improve the in-house knowledge about the ever-changing digital possibilities and to reinforce the online-first mentality. Samsung Benelux aimed for a more fluid cooperation between its digital and traditional marketing teams by improving a better awareness of the many options within the online landscape.

In cooperation with the Marketingfacts Academy, I developed a four-hour online marketing training which covers the most important traffic channels, social media networks, most recurring digital topics such as content marketing, banner blindness, influencers, attribution modelling and the hidden potential the platforms offer to build a better understanding of the target audience. I demonstrated how to use the different channels in various phases of the consumer journey, what the possibilities are now and what we can expect in the near future.

Multiple teams have now received this training and the participants rated the educational exercise with an 8,7.

“Intelligent, visionary and digital-minded are the words that comes to mind when I think about Bart. I’ve had the pleasure working with him, during a Digital Essentials Marketing & eCommerce course for Samsung. Above all, I was impressed with Bart’s ability to inspire people with different specialisms (sales, marketing etc.) about online- and content marketing. He has good presentation skills. And, of course, I love his ridiculous enthusiasm.”

Janneke van Doremalen, Digital Specialist – Customer Experience at Samsung