Keep your organizational online marketing strategy up to date. Bestoked is known for a hands-on approach to strategy development. Never in it to write a book. Always open to hear about your challenges. There is a lot to discuss. Time to make a plan.
In an age of adblockers and banner-blindness, you need to be extremely relevant to get and keep your audience interested. Luckily, the most important ingredients for this magical elixir - data, technology and creativity - are widely available. Let’s stop being annoying and start being relevant.
Need help with your content strategy? Want to know where your target audience hangs out digitally, which stories they like and what kind of content suits each social platform? Want to learn more about your community and adjust your creative assets accordingly? Let us begin.


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Bart van den Hout
Bart van den Hout

online marketing

creative and analytical, gets stuff done, 10 years' experience, likes to be in the ocean.

Tilburg, NL
E-mail: Telefoon: +31624745872