"Being stoked" stands for enthusiasm and that's exactly where Bestoked is founded upon. That might sound a bit lame, but it's true. The drive to take on different projects and the energy that arises from training professionals is what started Bestoked. It's an one-man-band you can hire to bring your company up to speed on the latest insights around online marketing, to help you with your strategy, (social) advertising, content marketing and crm.


Training & Strategy
Keep your organization up to date on online marketing. Sessions can focus on performance or brand marketing, they can give a global overview or go in-depth on the most relevant subjects for your company. Workshops could also be used to formulate a digital strategy together.
In an age of adblockers and banner-blindness you need to be extremely relevant to get and keep your audience interested. Luckily the most important ingredients for this magical elixer; data, technology and creativity, are widely available. Lets stop being annoying and start being relevant.
Need help with your content strategy? Want to know where your target audience hangs out digitally, which stories they like and what kind of content suits each social platform? Want to learn more about your community and adjust your creative assets accordingly? Let us begin.


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Bart van den Hout

Bart van den Hout

online marketing

creative and analytical, gets stuff done, 9 years' experience, likes to be in the ocean.

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